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Network Resource Planning and Design

Our Network Resource Planning and Design services are designed for SunRise customers who are planning major technical or infrastructure changes to their network.

In order to enable our customers to predict and understand the impact of these changes, our Network Resource Planning and Design team of IT professionals uses "what-if" analyses to model the effects of major business changes, like adding new locations, spurring accelerated business growth, and/or mergers or acquisitions. We also bench-test technology migrations, like the introduction of sophisticated e-business systems.

Network Security

SunRise provides practical solutions for the development, implementation and maintenance of information protection programs, using a four-step methodology:

  1. Security Program Base lining to establish current security configurations and programs

  2. Risk Analysis to identify and evaluate critical information and network components and the risks to their availability, integrity and confidentiality

  3. Security Program Planning to design new cost-effective methodology to achieve practical, effective, and efficient security

  4. Security Program Implementation to install cost-effective security programs and products to provide optimum security

With this comprehensive approach to security solutions, we work with our customers to ensure all of the components of the security program are integrated and optimized to protect valuable assets.

Project Management

Effective project management starts with a clear sense of purpose, a clearly defined goal, and the experience and expertise to guide the process efficiently. Because SunRise staff has experience in all facets of network development, installation and management, the projects we supervise work, and work well. We'll be pleased to quote any project, whether we provide the hardware or simply the expertise to ensure that the project is completed in a timely, cost-efficient manner

Network Installation and Implementation

Because of our continuous program of professional development, our certified network staff has the knowledge and experience to install and implement networks of all sizes and levels of sophistication. From the most intricate WAN to a local solution using today's newest technologies, we provide:

  • Staging
  • Configuration
  • Pre-delivery Testing
  • Complete installation and cabling
  • Onsite testing

Network Migration and Upgrade

As new demands for faster, improved processing power or access to new communications systems are made on a network, new solutions have to be designed and implemented. To accommodate these new demands, network hardware and software must be upgraded to provide accessibility to network users.

In addition, many companies have found it often makes sense to upgrade and integrate equipment and applications before a specific need arises. As part of our overall network solutions approach, SunRise network specialists will recommend, provide, and seamlessly integrate hardware and software upgrades to enable our customers to achieve their desired goal.

Training and Documentation

Once the network is operational, the next step is to ensure it continues to operate efficiently. Our staff will provide comprehensive onsite training to appropriate operational staff, as required. In addition, supplemental documentation will be provided as required.

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